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Parramore’s camp rules have been created to maximize your personal comfort and safety. Please be respectful and considerate of your neighbors, and treat them as you would like to be treated.

Parramore’s is home to many, as well as a home away from home for others. Please use all facilities with the same care you would if they were your own.


*All policies, rules and rates are subject to change without prior notice*

*Parramore’s Campground reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time*

*Persons violating these rules, or failing to fix issues when given written or verbal notice can and will be removed from the premises*



·         Daily, Weekly, or up to one Month stays must pay in full upon booking reservation.


·         All reservations lasting one month or longer are subject to water and electricity usage charges.

Electric rate: .1587/KWH          Water: First 500 gallons free then 0.03/gallon.

·         Annual RV Rentals must fill out rental application and pay $40.00/occupant for a background check.


·         A $700 deposit including first months rent is due prior to move in for annual residents. Rent is due on the 1st of each month and will begin to incur late fees after the 5th. Residents must pay rent by cash or check.


·         All other reservations may be paid by cash, check or credit card.



·         In Season dates and all holidays: We require a 45-day notice and hold a 25% cancellation fee on the entire stay. If you cancel within 45 days of your check in date, we will not issue a refund.

·         Out of season: We require a 14-day notice and hold a 10% cancellation fee on the entire stay. If you cancel within 14 days of your check in date, we will not issue a refund. 

·         Deposits will not be transferred to future reservations.

·         Late arrivals or early departures are not subject to refunds. 




·         All guests or visitors must check in at Parramore’s Campground office.


·         Check in time for RV sites is at 12:00pm, and Cabins is 2:00pm; check out time is at 11:00am on

the last day of your visit.


·          Office hours are from 9:00am-5:00pm Monday-Saturday and 9:00am- 2:00pm on Sundays.


·          All early or late check-ins or departures must be coordinated with the office.


·         Each RV reservation is based on one unit per site, one vehicle and two people, Cabins (Depending on size) are based on 2-6 guests, and one vehicle. Each additional occupant is subject to $6/night charge (adult) or $4/night (children under 18 years). An additional vehicle is $2/day.


·         Quiet hours at Parramore’s Campground are from 10:00pm-7:00am. Please be respectful of fellow campers.


·         No profane language, disorderly conduct, illegal substance use, or underage drinking. We are a family friendly park.


·         Visitors must check in at front office, obtain a visitor pass, and comply to the campground policies and rules.


·         The registered guest is responsible and held liable for their visitor’s actions while on Parramore’s property.


·         Visiting children must be under residents’ supervision at all times.


·         RV’s must be kept in good visual condition. It is the guests’ responsibility to keep them clean and maintained on a regular basis. RV’s not meeting park standards may be refused service or asked to leave.


·         No Parking of vehicles, golf carts, or other items/vehicles on sites other than your own.


·         All boats and boat trailers, if not in a stall, must be parked across the street from the entrance from the park in our dry storage area.


·         Road rules and signage apply to all vehicles (including bikes and golf carts). Speed limit is 5MPH and is strictly enforced.


·         A valid driver’s license is required to operate any motor vehicle on Parramore’s property including golf carts. Parents, please do not allow children to operate motorized vehicles on the property. 

  • ATV's, side by sides, unregistered and uninsured motor bikes (dirt bikes, minibikes, scooters etc.) are not permitted onsite.



·         Pets (Dogs and cats) are welcome here at Parramore’s. There is a maximum of two pets per unit.


·         All pets must be up to date with vaccines, copies of records will be requested upon check in.


·         All pets must have an ID tag with current contact info of owner.


·         Dogs or cats must be kept on a leash at all times.


·         2 animals max per RV Site


·         Aggressive or excessive barking dogs will not be permitted or asked to leave the campground.


·         All pet waste must be picked up, bagged, and properly disposed of. A fine of $30 for a first offense, $60 for second offense, and a third offense will result in departure from the campground.


·         For dogs staying in cabins there will be a pet fee of $50/ per pet maximum 2 pets.


·         There are gators and poisonous snakes in the area, please be aware with pets down by the riverfront and in areas with tall grass. 


·         NO LIFE GUARD ON DUTY. You will be swimming at your own risk and Parramore’s Campground will not be liable for any injuries, accidents, or death.


·          Pool hours are 8:00am- dusk.


·           Please wear appropriate swimming attire.


·         There is no eating, drinking, or smoking allowed in the pool area with the exception of a plastic or metal water bottle. ABSOLUTELY NO GLASS PERMITTED.


·         No diving or running on pool deck.


·         PARENTS MUST BE present with children under the age of 16 at all times.


·         No pets allowed in the pool area.


·         Abide by all other rules posted in pool area.



·         Boat slips are reserved for guest staying onsite only. Do not park in any slip that is not yours.


·         If you have not been assigned a boat slip by the front office, please do not park in one. It will be removed from the slip at the expense of the owner.


·         Uncovered slip by boat ramp are for loading/unloading only. Please do not leave boat in this area for more than 30 minutes.


·         All boat owners must fill out an agreement form and provide the office with proof of insurance with a minimum liability coverage of $300,000 before a slip can be issued.



·         Smoking is NOT ALLOWED in cabins, bathhouse, recreation hall, office, pool area or anywhere no smoking signs are posted.


·         There will be a $500 fine for smoking in any of the restricted areas.


·         Please put your cigarettes out before entering a non-smoking building.


·          Fires must be confined to designated fire rings or grills provided for that purpose.


·         Obey restrictions on fires; they may be limited or prohibited at certain times.


·         Be sure your fire is completely extinguished before leaving. Do not leave fire unattended.



·         Please do no litter. Receptacles for trash and cigarette butts are found throughout the campground.


·         Please leave your site as you found it. No garbage or cigarette butts on the ground or in fire pits.


·         Dumpsters are located at the entrance to the park. Please bag all household trash and break down all cardboard boxes and place in the appropriate receptacles.


·          Do not dump hazardous waste or any bulk items (i.e. furniture, mattresses, appliances etc.) near or in the dumpsters.


·         Trash may not be stored outside of unit for later disposal.


·         The bathhouse is an amenity for all guests and residents in the campground. Please refrain from using it to wash pets, dishes, clean fish or anything beyond its designated uses.



·         Please notify office or maintenance personnel of any damages to Parramore’s property. You will be responsible for rectifying damages caused by any deliberate, negligent, or reckless act during your stay.


·         If you find any items that do not belong to you, please return them to the office.


·         Parramore’s Campground is not responsible for any lost or stolen items. Please secure your valuables at ALL TIMES!



·         All sewer connections must be securely fastened to prevent leaking and odor as mandated by state law.


·         ANY AND ALL SEWAGE SPILLS MUST BE REPORTED TO THE OFFICE IMMEDIATELY! A minimum $50 fee will be assessed for cleaning, depending on the severity of the spill. Guests may also incur any applicable fines imposed by the City and State environmental agencies.


·         No dumping of hazardous liquids or harsh chemicals in the ground sewer.


·         Please use water and power connections on your reserved site only.


·         No digging or drilling on your site without approval from Parramore’s campground due to underground water/septic/cable lines. Damage fines for unapproved digging or drilling will be charged.


·         In Florida we have many storms, Parramore’s is not responsible for damage caused by an influx in power surges. Please provide your own power surge protector.


·         Outside contractors, construction, electrical, maintenance etc. when doing work on Parramore’s property must provide office with valid business license and proof of insurance before any work is performed. Contractors must sign in and out, provide site number and work performed.



We are pleased to say that our park is full of wildlife. At times you may see, bears, alligators, otters, snakes, racoons, deer, armadillos, large birds etc., but we ask that you ABSOLUTELY DO NOT FEED THEM! It is a felony to harm, harass, or disturb wildlife. Failure to abide by the law could result in a $5,000 fine and or imprisonment. We also ask that you DO NOT FEED ANY STRAY CATS. Please feed your permitted pets indoors and do not leave any bowls of food outside your trailer.


Parramore’s campground asks that if you are a long-term guest you might want to think about getting a p.o. box if you plan on receiving A LOT of mail. We do have limited space mail slots in the office for all long-term guests and we ask that you include your site number on all mail sent here. For short term guests, we also have mail boxes set up under the first letter of your last name. Please forward your mail upon leaving the park because we will not be responsible for any mail lost or not received after your move out/departure date.


*All policies, rules and rates are subject to change without prior notice*

*Parramore’s Campground reserves the right to refuse service to anyone at any time*

*Persons violating these rules, or failing to fix issues when given written or verbal notice can and will be removed from the premises*

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